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Dave, that sounds very logical. Camera, eh? Nice way to kludge a data recorder! I'd also be interested to see what voltage they are at 2-4 days after the start, in comparison to the starting voltage.

I'm unsure if the test is more--or less--reflective of real world conditions by letting them settle for 48 hours after charging. In the real world, they'd be connected during and after charging, so perhaps the comparison would change if they were tested that way as well?

I've got vague memories that one of the equations I never remember (Kirchoff's? Thevinen's?) can be used to model two batteries hooked up just to each other but then again that's theories, and I'm almost afraid to ask how the theoretical internal resistance of a battery varies against reality in the lab.

Wait, let me call my agent, I think I can get Fox and Geraldo to supply armed Pinkerton's to guard it over the weekend, and unveil the results on national TV come Monday. There could be some heavy sponsorhip money in this.
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