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the older version of the 30 which is th one i have has a doghouse so the windows are pretty large i wean there not giant panels like some of the new jenneaus and such but there not tiny either however they are quite thick but id like to be as prepared as i can possibly be id like to be able to take a 120 foot breaking wave broadside and survive, rigless of course but survive. the head drains directly to the water via a thru hull with a masive seacock, no macerator or holding tank at all the not having drain thru hulls does help have less thru hulls therefore less things to cause sinking. and again with the compresion post a) good handhold b) u can never be too prepared for the worst in terms of the rudder its out atm for winter storage so ill test it before launch this spring and ive heard edson makes the best bilge pumps so ill definitely be hunting for one and yes i sdo think an automatic one would be a good idea in addition, the inboard has already been removed, im thinking of screwing a plywood floor to the engine mounts and using it as storage for freshwater jugs, oh and it already has a honda 4 stroke 8 hp outboard on it which sems to be reliable and it charges my batteries as for cooking i have a two burner butane stove but i want to make it gimballed somehow, as for the storm jib it has hanks no roller furling and a downhaul for safety ans it has a bowsprit of two and a half feet so i could always have the storms jib on the outer forestay, thanks for the tip on the collision map that is true takes space that food could have been in, in terms of chartplotters i may sucumb to them but ive always had a thing agaisnt them mostly cause of one time when the blidin light of it made me unable to see the buoys in a narrow chanell so i kinda marked them as a hazard rather than a help but it is true that charts are expensive but theres always photocopying and i o have a laptop with charting software which i can use as a cabin chartplotter if it is necessarry. in terms of wther bermuda would be the only offshore trip hat depends on how it goes if it seems like it goes well i may take the azored route over to europe and explore the med and the north sea, if not its just a hop back to canada. in your opinion though will i need a series drogue and a storm jib my main is also boom furling so that acts as my trysail kinda i will experiment with sheet to tiller, although im on the lookout for a vane, i have heaard since the keel is a long keel not full or 3/4 but a long shoal fin with a skeg that steering should be pretty balanced and if i let go of the tiller it does take a goodd while to veer off course as for the arch it definitely is strong because in my maiden voyage on her just seeing how she handled we had some decent swells around the bruce peninsula and there was no flexing at all its not the deck thats thin its just the bow near the deck to hull connection i dont like but i suppose that part is far from the water anyways
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