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Originally Posted by EricKLYC View Post
It seems you are about to make your decision, Paulo .

This is indeed a real cruiser-racer, very well built and considering your preference for more traditional designs with a comfortable interior, an excellent choice in my honest opinion.

I hope Salona will be able to meet your final demands and I very much look forward to your opinion, this time as an owner.

Best regards,

Thanks Eric,

Actually I am quite certain I am going to like you as much in flesh and bone as I like to "talk" with you on the net, so you are invited to pass some days on my boat In Croatia and then you can see for yourself the differences to your new boat.

I have no doubt that the Pogo 12.50 will be an exhilarating boat to sail and a lot of fun, specially downwind over 20K.

I guess that the differences that led you to choose that one and I to chose another one (taking in consideration that I could not afford the Pogo 12.50) is because I like to voyage a lot, mostly on the med where there are not trade winds and also because I intend to live in the boat for some months each year. Even in what regards sail performance I value differently sailing qualities, and that of course, has to do with the use it is going to be given to the boat and with personal preferences.

I have been many times at sea when many others are ashore, I mean when the wind blows between 20 and 35K and I had done in those conditions a lot of miserable upwind sailing with short waves to make it worse.

This time I want a boat that can do that a lot better than the previous one and one that can make it more comfortably, in what regards sea motion. I want an all around good and strong fast sailing boat with a good interior, a boat that I can afford. Also a powerful boat in bad weather, a stiff boat and a very fast boat in light winds.

I am sure I would have a lot more fun sailing downwind, even with heavy weather and high winds on your boat than on mine but I also know that upwind in heavy weather mine is going to be fast, more comfortable and easier to drive. Well, probably not faster, because your's is bigger

In fact my choice has nothing to do with liking the shapes of "traditional" fast boats. I like them as much as the shape of some boats that are derived from Solo Offshore boats, like the Pogo or the new JPK. It is not the shape but the differences in performance while sailing, not better or worse, but better in some things , worse in others.

By the way, have you seen the performance on the last days of the French 40ft Pogo that is making the ARC? Awesome. On transats these boats are at its best.

World Cruising Club Arc fleet viewer

I also heard about several guys that are going to circumnavigate (cruising) on these boats (with a bettered interior even if worse than the one from the Pogo 12.50). Circumnavigating you go mostly with the trade winds and that boat makes sense if they don't mind the boat to be a bit Spartan.

Actually to me that does not makes much difference while sailing. It is more while living on the boat at the marina or at anchor that I find the need of a more "warmer" boat, but that is just me

So, Bottom line, when are you going to have your new Pogo 12.50?



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