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Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Everything you will do will have space in mind. Often, you simply won't have something at all because it won't fit or will take up too much space.
Yup, that is what I'm learning. While I do not yet have a boat, I am in the process of off-loading stuff. Mainly my gadzillion books. Okay, that's a tad over-exaggeration. But you get the drift. ^_~

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
If you have a windows requirement (many just convince themselves they do.
The majority of design software I use is windoze based. Though, I'm trying to disabuse myself of that. ;P Seriously, though, I run several web sites and do a great deal of software design & implementation. I also write, draw, and other artsy-fartsy stuff.

The web sites are hosted on a co-lo server and therefore easily accessible & maintainable via the web and/or an ssh terminal. In other words, my macbook & ipad, or even iphone, if need be, is sufficient for managing those.

The software design & implementation is another story altogether. Coding doesn't require much in the way of either proc or memory space. I write tight code! 3D gfx, otoh, requires heavy duty proc & mem. I could, arguably get away with a windoze lappie for the coding bit. Not so for the 3d gfx.

As for the writing & drawing? Am using pages & sketchbook on my iPad. Here is an example of some recent iPad sketches... my first try at using sketchbook.

I'm also using Numbers for my main spreadsheet program. I'm admittedly almost obsessive about budgeting.

But, I digress. I am in the proc of migrating most of my design & implementation work to the mac. I will toss, or rather store on my co-lo server for a rainy day, what can't be migrated. This way I can kick my windoze box to the curb.

I do however have a NAS box. While I was hoping to take it aboard, from what I'm reading, it would be problematic. Though, this bit has less to do with space issues (as I could easily retrofit it to a smaller footprint), and more to do with issues of corrosion due to salt air intake and potential disk head crashes due to being jostled around. And, of course, power consumption.

Anyway, that's where I am in the puter angle portion of this process.

Oh and. In case you haven't figured out by now, I'm a major geek. Though, I generally refer to myself as a techno-dweeb. ^_~
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