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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Sometimes I think about living permanently in a boat but that does not survive winter. I live in a place were the sea is rough and the waves are big. In any big storm, that happens regularly in the winter, when the trees of my small garden are being blown away from the ground and the seas are all white, I think to myself: My God, how terrible should be to be on a boat right now.

Of course, I admire the guys that live in a boat all year, not for need but because the like it, but that is just not for me, unless I had too.

Originally Posted by sawingknots View Post
i doubt theres many people who live on a boat in the u.s. because "they have to" same with homeless street people,it seems to me that if ones not contented with their particular lifestyle they will eventually find another.i also don't understand why someone who "lives" on a sailboat would be in a desperate hurry to get to a final destination,flying/driving would be faster and cheaper or hell just buy a oh oh power boat[go fast boat],and yeah i do realize there are sme desperately poor people especially in other countries
I don't understand in what is related to this subject that talk of : "and yeah i do realize there are sme desperately poor people especially in other countries"

Or do you mean that in the US all have money to have and maintain a house and a boat? Even those 46 million (15% of all population) of Americans that are considered poor.

Because that's what I am talking about, you can only live in a boat in the nice season and get back to home and family in winter if you have enough money to maintain a house and a boat. If, like some year sell the house to buy a boat and to have money to travel, they cannot return to a home they don't have anymore in the winter, do they? and its about those I am talking about.

I do not mean that to sell the house and buy a boat is not the right decision if that's the only way to have a decent boat and that the trade off is not the right one, but I guess that in the winter when the conditions are really bad and you have to go out several times at night to see if everything is alright and to correct the lines, not to mention having to move the boat, the comfort of the old house will be missed, at least by some. Of course they can sell the boat and return to a house but then they cannot enjoy living in a boat when things are nice and rewording, do they?

About not understanding why someone like to cruise in a fast boat (even if again that has nothing to do with this thread) maybe you should go here and read the interview with Jimmy Cornell, considered as one of the first of the great long range cruisers (several circumnavigations) and one that successively has made a life out of cruising:

Interview du «pape» de la grande croisière Jimmy Cornell : «En Papouasie, on s

Well, it is in French, I can translate the relevant parts regarding boats fit for long range bluewater cruising:

"I advocate for light cruising sailboats, but in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the idea is struggling to win! This is less true in France ..."

And regarding modern production cruising boats:

"Cruising sailboats are more comfortable and more spacious, but they are not really exciting and it is the fault of the cruising sailors who feel that going at 6 knots its all right ... The boats are often still too heavy in their displacement..The racing sailboats have evolved rapidly in recent years, as opposed to cruising yachts. The racing yacht design has not yet sent all its developments to the world of cruising yacht design. "

It seems like me talking, but it is not, it is a guy with 200000nm of experience in all the oceans of the planet, a guy that has owned, cruised and lived in different kind of boats, from motor sailor heavy type to heavy steel boats, to light boats.

I guess that you are among the ones he sees responsible for all of us not having faster and better cruising boats, the ones that " feel that going at 6 knots it's all right"



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