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Originally Posted by JohnB40 View Post
In the cabin, I have two GFI protected AC outlets .. 20 amps, Hubbel. Both suddenly show a flashing red LED and leaflet says "lost its GFIC protection, replace immediately". Boat is 2009.
I have power at both outlets (separate circuits) and if I push test button, power goes off, if I push reset, power comes on. This to me seems to say it's working. At least, many other GFIs seem only to have this check and no red flashing light. Are they shot? The marina did have a power failure recently, could that "break" them ... thought they would just flip off with any problem?
Any ideas? If needed can I buy new GFIs from hardware store or is there something special (except price) about going to marine store?
Thanks, JohnB40

Based upon a (admittedly superficial) review of the Hubble literature, it seems that its GFIC units have internal test circuitry that evaluates a unit's ability to break a connection soon enough, and at a low enough amperage, to avoid injury or damage in the even of a short. If the unit test fails, the Red LED Illuminates indicating that the unit needs be replaced tho' it may continue to work in extremis. I am not an electrical guy but I have reasonably good faith in the engineers that design this type of equipment and would trust their judgment in the build. The environment on a yacht is quite different--and more harsh--than that in a house or other building and equipment, particularly electrics suffers accordingly. In the same situation I would replace one of the units with the same type (and ensure the connections were thoroughly) and see if the error LED illuminates. If not, the units do need replacing. If not, there is something else askew and you have a spare (or can simple return the unneeded unit). A electrical equipment--contractors supply--outlet is more likely to carry Hubble units than a Lowes/Home Depot or other general hardware store.

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