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This is my first day on Sailnet and I am pretty disappointed by what I have seen in this thread. I wonder if everyone who asks a question gets a good reeming from the "pro's".

Yes a few people answered his question with solid information and seemed happy to help out a fellow sailor. But a few of you used the opportunity to flex your ego and spray the site with testosterone.

I am not worried about your being PC or kind. "PC" has nothing to do with this and your diatribe about being PC is a silly distraction from the point. I think you were arrogant and not the least bit helpful. If you really wanted to be helpful, instead of sending me three paragraphs justifying yourself, why not be a positive factor and send him a three paragraph explanation of the Gulfstream and how to deal with it. Or are you so busy sailing that you haven't the time to donate?

I am quite sure he "made it" already. Wouldn't it have been nice if you had made it easier for him. Life may not be easy but I sure as hell would rather help out than smugly sit back and smirk at someone with less experience.

By the way, I've been sailing for 43 years and there is a lot i don't know and still have to learn. I have lots of questions and the further I travel from home the more questions I have. I have found that there are two types of "locals". By far the majority are eager to share their local knowledge, especially if they have traveled themselves. And then there is the second group, a small minority, who never go anywhere and make fun of the transient who needs help or info. Which group are you in?
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