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Originally Posted by blt2ski View Post
Cruising World Announces 2012 BOTY Winners | Cruising World

Be it you agree, or do not agree, there is this years BOTY winners from Cruising World announced this morning. Sailing World should have their BOTY winners up in the next day or two or three. SW will be pointed towards the Performance/race end of the spectrum, CW cruise spectrum. You would not find a pogo if available at the boat show they did this at, being rated by CW judges, that would be SW judges.

Marty, don't mean to offend you or any American but I don't see those awards as very meaningful. I had given up reading those magazines years ago. On their tests they say well from all boats they test and they rely so much on publicity that they can offer their magazines almost for nothing in the internet. I never saw there a comparative test with both boats at the water at the same time. I guess they would have to say that one sailed better than the other and they cannot, or don't want, to say that.

Just look at the boat they have chosen as best import, a Leopard 44

of course:

Robertson and Caine design and build the Leopard line of blue water cruising catamarans. As the world wide dealer, Leopard Catamarans is proud to say that over 800 Leopard cats have now sailed more than 7 million miles and the world's largest oceans.

They are the ones that sell, kind of condo on sails, that even don't sail too badly, except of course if a wave comes crashing on that huge vertical front doors or if you want to go upwind with a strong wind. This boat going upwind offers a huge frontal resistance and if the wind is strong and the sails are reefed, I would not be surprised if the windage was more than the sail power

Take a look at the boat :

And they have preferred that boat, that is obviously pointed to the charter market (sunsail cat) condo thing over a boat like the PT-11 or the Outemer 49 that are good sailboats with a good interior? What kind of sailors are these testers? Marina sailors?

Outremer Catamaran - Our Catamarans - Outremer 49

PT-11 by Performance Multihulls

And regarding the rest, what kind of prizes are that?

For the best import? For the best Domestic boat?

Boats are boats, the best is the best, imported or not. And the best domestic boat (Jeanneau 379) is a French boat? Allright, it is made in America, but how come that the Passport Vista 545 is not considered an Import? It is made in China, not in the US.

To put things even more strange, they mix in the same category boats pointed at obvious different sailing markets. You can compare only what is comparable. What is the point to compare a Passport 545 with a Bavaria cruiser 45 and a Benetau Oceanis 45? They don't belong to the same market segment. The Passport should be compared with the new Oyster 625, the Halberg Rassy 64 or the Amel 64, the best boats from that segment that come out this year and I believe all of them are sold in America.

Just to put things even more funny, Bavaria has announced that their 45 had won the sail magazine boat of the year award:

Bavaria Yachts USA announced that the Bavaria Cruiser 45 has been chosen as SAIL Magazine's Best Boat 2012 Winner among cruising monohulls under 50ft. SAIL magazine's annual Best Boat Award recognizes the best new sailboat introduced into the North American market.

Read more: Bavaria Yacht's Cruiser 45 has been chosen SAIL Magazine's Best Boat 2012 Winner

So, to cruising world the best is the Tartan 4000, for sail magazine the best is the Bavaria 45 (they run on the same category).

It seems to me that they should have a more serious contest involving all major sailing magazines in the United States, have sensible and logical categories and chose the best boat from each category, independently from the origin, providing it was sold in the US. One boat, not several boats, depending on the magazine or regarding its origin

You know that I am not saying that the Jeanneau 379 is a bad boat, you know that I don't think that, but that award is pretty meaningless, except for commercial purposes.



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