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In engine oil filters, the filter material is produced essentially by one world company -Alstr°m of Finland; almost all filter 'assemblers/builders' buy this filter material and then 'assemble' the filters.
Renault filters call for a 20ÁM nominal rated filter material with a bypass pressure relief of 16-19 psi.... and that is the exact same specs. for Yanmar 3GM .... 20ÁM nominal @ 16 psi bypass pressure.

Yanmar makes NO filters but buys all its filters as 'private branded' made by various automotive filter manufacturers.

An engine oil filter is a very crude filter because its a 'recirculation' filter and constantly re-filters and re-filters the same oil over and over again .... so that the 'resident' particles in the oil are probably approaching 1ÁM in actual size ... the carbon fines from combustion are well below 1ÁM and thats why such a filter will allow the 'black' to build up. Changing the filter often is THE most important, ... dont worry about 'brand', use the cheapest (non-Chinese made) you can find.

Its the 'filter material' that is THE important aspect of an automotive oil filter ...... has no idea what he's talking about and he's skewing the data towards one certain 'brand' do consider that website nothing more than 'slick marketeering'.
FQWI - Im not directly involved in automotive filtration but was deeply involved in 'filtration engineering' for almost 40 years.

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