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Originally Posted by mitiempo View Post

The list makes sense but if the work is not hired out nowhere near 10k.

A quick check at Jamestown Dist shows rigging wire (3/16"), turnbuckles, and mechanical fittings for both lower and upper comes to about $1400. Chainplates need inspecting and possible replacement - figure $500. Running rigging - 3/8" Sta-Set at 1.12/ft - say 400' for $448. Autohelm about $500. Anchor rode - 1/2" 3 strand line .98/ft so $450 gets a main rode and a spare. Anchors are available used as are sails. That is $3300 plus used anchors, sails, and some yard time. If any of the above should be in a larger size add a few dollars. Still well under 10k.

Now if the op has to pay someone to do much of this it is a different story.
So using your numbers with just a little rounding to make adding easier:
Chain plates: 500, Standing Rig: 1500, Running 500, Anchor setup: 700, Sails: 1000, elect: 500 and we are already at 4,700.
We still may need to deal with: Engine, Reefing, thruhulls, hoses, rudder, dock lines and that's just for the boat. Oh and a cheap boat will almost certainly need a bottom job with barrier coat and paint figure $300. And then there is sandpaper and tools if he doesn't have everything already which is likely based the OP question.
Now we need to add charts, life jackets, foul weather gear, gloves, boots and GPS even if it is a hand-held. What about binoculars, hand-bearing compass, extra fuel containers, extra water containers.
Now you still have to provision the boat food etc.
Don't forget a dinghy and unless you like rowing a whole lot a motor.
All of this is not going to happen overnight. We have yard charges for at least a year and that could be anything from 2,000 to 5,000 depending on where he is. And insurance and taxes not too much usually maybe $500. Might as well add in TowBoat insurance while you are learning: $100

Even if you buy everything used and discounted you are still trading time for money. It takes longer to find deals than to buy retail. And some deals typically end up costing more than you think they would especially for the inexperienced.

Anything wrong with my numbers?

The thing that beginners get wrong is not the numbers. Anyone can look up the price of 100 feet of rode. What they get wrong is the number of numbers.
Ever go a supermarket and fill up 4 of those mini bags they have now and not buy anything more that 3 bucks and be shocked that the total is over a hundred dollars.

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