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Nice post!

I guess I have a different perspective on this.

The North issue is not widely known. You really should do a little digging and see what transpired. Essentially, 200 workers were fired for simply requesting what was owed them. An amount that wouldn't buy two cups of Joe at Starbucks. In my opinion, this taking advantage of the disadvantaged, which is pretty vile in my book.

Aside from this case, the bigger picture is shipping manufacturing jobs overseas. It appears (may be wrong) that you feel the number of jobs lost by Americans is relatively small and justified. The number is massive and is the primary cause for the economic woes this country has today.

It simply stems from corporate greed. Manufacturing is moved to low wage environments to enhance margins. It is simple as that. We need to get a congress and President that gradually begins to reverse the hemorrhage. Why aren't we identifying parts of the country that are essentially rust belts like Ohio and offering incentives to companies to bring manufacturing back to this country?

Granted, they may not all be big buck, white collar jobs, but they are jobs.

As far as the other subject....

With a company that was around for ten years, I am sure there were plenty of satisfied customers. However, I doubt you are going to hear from anyone as the tone and tenor of this thread really isn't conducive to doing so.

The sad part of this entire pissing contest is that it is being orchestrated by less than five people. And of the five, it appears most of them never even purchased a sail form them.

It doesn't make sense and I am more than happy to point out this hypocrisy.

I would never purchase a North product. They are overpriced and there is little good to say about their corporate culture.

However, I would purchase from SailNet in a heartbeat. Sure, they fell on hard times and several individuals were hurt. But everyone deserves a second chance in my book.

Originally Posted by smurphny View Post
An underlying issue at the crux of this peeing contest is the question of whether buying cheap goods, made by low-wage workers is ethically defensible. Putting aside the obvious truth of caveat emptor, when you make the decision to buy something made in a third-world country, you've made an ethical decision. One populist opinion is that buying American-made products is more "right" because it supports U.S. workers. The opposing idea is that by buying sails or anything else made in low-wage countries, it has benefited the workers of that country regardless of the low wages they receive...something is better than nothing and it is a "foot in the door." I believe that much good has been done in places like Sri Lanka, etc. by giving the people productive work, moving them out of abject poverty. Moving offshore has the effect of putting some Americans out of work but does indeed benefit people elsewhere who have few options.

No one here knows what really went on with this company, nor anything about the principals. I almost ordered a storm jib from them last year. The price was right and it looked like a good product. Has anyone had a GOOD experience with them?
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