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Originally Posted by RobGallagher View Post
I have towed sailboats bigger than my own 30 footer.

Be aware of what is going on behind you and be prepared to abort the tow. Make sure the towed vessel is doing what you expect.

I once towed in a 40+ racing boat. The captain decided to let his son take the helm. Several times the son set his own course and yanked my boats stern, they left their jib up so if I slowed the apparent wind would bring them up along side me, etc.

Finally I had to tell them what for.

Still, as I approached a mooring for them the son took over again and ended up dragging my boat sideways for one last time.

On another occasion I refused to tow a power boat because everyone on board was so drunk they could barely stand up. They where in no danger and I stood by till they got a tow.

Hint, use THEIR LINES for the tow so if you decide to abort all you won't lose any cordage
When you do tow someone into a slip, how do they stop. On the occasion I towed in a sailboat, I released the line (we were going very slow) and he just went into the slip, I did not see how they stopped the boat, I think we just got lucky and she slowed to a stop. On the fishing boat the other day, I was in the harbor when the tow came in. I was surprised how fast he was being towed into the harbor. The slip he came into was too far for me to see how he was able to stop- but did so apparently without any drama. Seems one of the hardest parts of the tow is what to do once you reach your destination. I have a hard enough time keeping my own boat under control let alone an engineless vessel I am towing. I guess I could always just get them to anchor in the harbor until a dingy is available to take them into a slip.
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