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K, a mini (or maybe not so mini) update.

Haven't completely made the break from land, yet. So, here's where I'm at at this point.

Purchased the boat a little over a week ago. Sent in the registration papers. Have boat insured. Have moved minimal "stuffs" onboard. Haven't moved puters onboard, yet. In fact, I may end up setting them up at a friends place and networking in from the boat, when necessary. I do have my macbook, iPad, & iPhone in tow... along with my mobile wifi (which I rarely use due to metering). Dried out the bilge and noted the date, just to be sure the water bit was from natural condensation, etc. Washed down the deck, though need to do a more serious job. You know, the elbow grease, scrubbing sort. But want to read up on the right way to do boat detail. And frankly, making the boat "pretty" is not at the top of my list atm. Rewired the shore power. While it's less gerry rigged than before, I still need to implement a more long term solution after I decide exactly what I want. Picked up some dock rope. The PO was using the sail sheets to tie anchor the boat to the dock! In fact, one was tied to the bow sprit rail.

As for latest, greatest challenges. The guy where the boat is presently docked changed his mind about the liveaboard bit and has given me till the first to move her. While I was planning to move her to Sausalito, having this sort of added pressure was unexpected. In any event, will be looking at a few other options aside from my primary fallback option (moving her to the working dock). Either way, outside of losing my front row view of events like the parade of lights, I certainly won't miss the barge that parks just yards from the boat, makes tons of obnoxious noise *and* pollution, and blocks my view of the fugly boat yard across from me.

All things considered, outside of the stress of where I'm gonna moor the boat, things seem to be going ok. Sleeping has been great. In fact, my sub-zero sleeping bag that I bought years ago for backpacking in the Colorado Rockies has come in awesomely handy. I have also figured out that I don't really want to bring anything outside of *pure necessities* onboard. Mainly bc I don't really like clutter. That, and the fewer "stuffs" I need to tie down for sailing, the better. The latter is why, btw, I decided to ditch the dorm room fridge and just rely upon the icebox.

Hmmm, that's about it for now. We'll see how I really feel once I'm fully aboard. Though, I do think once everything is finalized wrt where I'll be mooring the boat, I will be able to finally relax and enjoy life aboard.
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