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I have decided to write some about my work on my 1967 Morgan 24, I have adapted this from correspondance with Mr Bob Horan on his Morgan 24 site. I have my waterfront, and enough income to live in relative comfort, the sail boat will complete a life goal. Of course retirement does not always go as we would have planned, I am 54, my wife 55 and she has early onset dementia. I am of course heart broken over my wife's deteriorating condition - I have to say that I live with a smoldering grief, and saddness - but Nostalgia and working on something I love is good at taking my mind off of all of this pain. My first Morgan 25 I owned in the early 1980's, had the dinette that made into a double berth, the closet and the Head off to the port side behind the bulkhead, but Morgan's arn't exactly falling out of the trees around here so I purchased what was available - a Morgan 24 with the "traditional layout." I will miss the dinette and the 54" gally, the closet and the more private head - but I will get used to it. I may figure a way to create some kind of table hinged down the center? Will rig a curtain, and a couple of easily removable panels to hide the head when not in use and to provide sort of a shared "night stand area" for the V berth. I am just so pleased to have a Morgan back at my dock - soon - still waiting for the yard to haul her out. Have been working on the centerboard winch - now referbished, shiny and greased up but the winch handle is gone so for now I am using a wrachet wrench to work it. I pulled the frozen mass of rust that once was the first pully in the internal centerboard system that sits in the bilge - but with naval jelly, a wire brush and some hammering, and a lot of work I have worked a small miracle and will be able to reinstall the pully! the hammering just came to me, tapping like opening oyster shells I jarred the pully and was gradually able to make it turn freely again. I am lucky the pully was made of heavy enough metal that though pitted, once belt sanded, and wire brushed down to bare metal, sprayed with rust converter, primer, and silver metallic paint, I finally greased the heck out of it and will be able to reinstall it - Ha ha!!, I have one more stuck pully but the bilge pully was by far the worstIf I need a new centerboard that will be $835 + $100 shipping From a site I found which luckily has the mold for the Morgan 24 centerboard - Hurray!!!!, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the board is held in the trunk by marine growth--- we will see. I am really enjoying all of this as you can tell. Will check out the Yahoo Morgan group, Thanks again, George.

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