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I would suggest pressure testing for the leak before deciding it is from the 'obvious' source. You close up everything (vents, ports) and block off the companionway with the hatchboards, using a heavy cardboard piece replace one of them. Stick a shop vac or leaf blower eexhasut through the cardboard, pressurize the boat. Give it a couple of minutes to build some pressure and then throw soapy water over the area where you think the leak is. (Beware, slippery deck!) The boat will blow bubbles where the real leak is, and that may be several feet away from where you are seeing the water below.
Could be the hull-deck joint, could be almost any hardware with the water moving through the deck and then coming out at the edge, at the joint.
Once you find the leak(s), good time to scrub the deck while it is soapy, then rinse. (G)

I don't know what your hull-deck joint is like, but on some boats the entire toe rail has to be loosened to raise it and rebed. If you're lucky, it will be a bolt or deck fitting, not the toe rail, that needs sealing.

If you do have to movre the wire bundle and there's no slack in it, that may mean cutting and then splicing in a pack connector to rejoin them afterwards. Or, cutting each wire (stagger the cuts a couple of inches apart) and then using "barrel" crimps to reconnect them all again. By staggering them, you ensure they can't short out on each other, and keep down the bulk versus all splices in one place.
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