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Originally Posted by peterchech View Post
What about Yamaha? I have two yamahas, including a 9.9 electric start. I haven't owned them long enough (less than a year each) to really comment on them, but I have generally been happy with their quality so far. I am interested what people with more experience say about the Yamaha.

(the 9.9 is probably somewhat less than 10 years old, though well maintained. The only bug is that it won't draw in gas properly when it is idling, so after a few minutes it will shut off. The remedy is to pump the bulb a few times every minute or so (more if the engine is cold) when idling. This is a PITA when entering/exiting the marina, but not too bad... figuring out how to fix this is on that loooong boat maintenance list I keep in my wallet...)
Unless you have an extra long fuel hose with the tank well below the motor it should idle with no problem. Possibilities:
1. loose fitting tank / motor connectors or hose clamps
2. Make sure tank is venting properly, take off the tank filler cap to test
3. Partially plugged filter(s), including the screen on the tank pick up tube
4. If it has a diaphram type fuel pump, bad diaphram
5. Carb float level is incorrect
6. Idle fuel mixture is too lean
7. Idle speed set too low
8. Anything else that could cause an air leak in the system
9. A kink somewhere in the lines, restricting flow at low speeds
10. A fuel line that has begun to de-laminate on the inside

Let us know what you find

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