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Originally Posted by smurphny View Post
Do you really mean 5/8" chain?! I raise my 45#er by hand all the time with 50' of 3/8" chain. In 60' of water it's really a challenge, in 20' no sweat. As mentioned above, time it right to motor forward slowly, out of gear, drift forward to take out slack. If it does not break free easily, go back and pop it by motoring forward (or back) a bit more. Go up to the bow again and as soon as it's up off the bottom by 10' or so, you can slowly motor in a good direction if you need to before going up to haul it up all the way. You can even get it up to a point where it won't foul anything or chafe against the hull and let the forward motion wash off the mud, stop and haul in. I'll sail off sometimes but not when there are a lot of other boats around. Too many things can go wrong.
It's absolutely 5/8 chain. I bought it from a friend in need of some cash for 100 buck's. It seem's large, and it is. But when I anchor in 12 feet of water and put out 100 feet of that chain and my 45' anchor I do not worry. Set it and Forget it. I do not have an engine. A good heavy anchor system IS my insurance. You just get up there, sit, wedge your feet in good, and pull. When you get directly above it, pull faster, take a wrap when the anchor is "aweigh" fall off, and sail out of the anchorage. I've done it in all conditions, all times of day or night, with a lot of room and in tight anchorages. I've actually broken 3/8 chain in a storm when my anchor got hung good on some debris. When I got it up. there where links separated at the welds! On the 5/8 rig I put in a shock absorber made of a piece of 3 strand. Over here in the Key's, the Bahama's and Central America, there is never a reason to anchor in 60' of water. In those conditions you use a lot of line and a boat length chain.You need a 5:1 ratio. 60 foot of water is 300 feet of line.

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