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There is a 3030(?) here in seattle that had a recent rebuld for lack of better term, then the owner found out he has Alziemers....boat is for sale, overall decent shape. Not sue of the overall differences between the 30 and 3030.

The main issue i would see, no matter the makes, is the interior designed to a spec you want and need, same with hull etc. One can get what would appear to be a STRONG boat, lets use a Westsail 32 as an example. but reality is, it will not work for where you sail, will be sailing etc, as it is "too strong/heavy" if that is the right way to put it.

Reality, there may be some better boats for what you want to do, sail etc than these two. Not to say that either is a bad boat. I looked at some J30's before I bought my Jeanneau, the J is a bit bigger, alot in reality, but the Jeanneau is working as well or better for how I sail and use the boat. Altho a 35' version would be nicer. If I do go that size, I'll opt for a mid 90's to early 0x design, or if I can afford one, new. Even tho I could probably get a S35 or equal, the design is older than I want. There are a few on Puget Sound that race/cruise and are quick for there size, and race in a "level 72" class of boat, that include the express 37 and J35, C&C 115 also IIRC, B36.7 is in that range also.


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