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Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
The rig on the Santana 30 derives from the IOR era, and is a mast head rig. Masthead rigs of that era relied on very stiff spars held in column and so produced extremely high rigging loads on the attachment points and hull. Jeff
Jeff, I beg to differ on this point. The IOR boats from IIIA on (at least) had wet noodle rigs that required expertise just to keep them up - have you forgotten the "oil derrick" 3 and 4 spreader rigs from the late 70's on? The C&C design Evergreen, a two tonner built for the Canada's Cup required the onboard presence of Tim Stearn (the mast builder) just to keep the rig UP. The Santana under discussion is, I believe, the 30-30, not the 1/2 ton derived 30 from the mid 70's.

My own 1975 custom 1/4 tonner was built for the Corpus Christie Worlds in 76 and it had HYDRAULICS on the backstay & headstay as well as running backs, without which the top 1/2 of the mast would "wow" to leeward about 4 or 5 inches. When the backstay & babystay were pumped up, the rig looked like it came from a Finn!

Hardly a focus on "stiff" or "In column".

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