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Like Well I can't let it take me 8 years. I want to do this and build it in 3 years or less if at all possible. I didn't take anything you said the wrong way. Your right I do need to get on as many boats as possible but I have never gave in when it comes to my comfort. I built my house the way I wanted it done. Just about the whole world and every builder who builds houses or builds cabinets builds them at 36 inces. To me that is crazy. I built mine 40inches high. Why is because if you have any back problems at all it is super hard on the back to strain and bend over humped if you will to wash dishes. My cabinets, shelves in my garage everything is 40 inches high. It is so easy on the back and any woman that has lived with me agrees 100%. Another thing is put or build all your receptapcles 18inches high off the floor and save your back too. Or stand staight up and hang your arm down and act like your plugging in your your plug and see where it will be. Another thing is have your seats where you sit 17 inches offf the floor. Mine are because from the floor to the bend of my knees is 17 inches. So I figured thousand of hours already even if I never build a sailboat how I would do it. And to have storage under every seat or cabinet and to have access in the floor everywhere it is open to walk on. I even went as far as to center my walkways around everything so all my tanks are in the middle for balance and even the tanks on the side of each side for equal balance. I"m a go getter for sure. I have even held down 2 jobs most of the time just to save money for want I want in life. Thatis how I bought my house here, the one in Montana, and the one in Virginia, and my motorhome. I done without a lot to make all that happen believe me. Anything is possible in this world for sure. I have had some people wonder how in the world I can have what i have but I did it all legit and legal. by working hard. I don't smoke, or throw my money away either. Plus I buy and sell stuff like racing parts and fix and sell cars. I like staying busy. I got oout of racing because it can take all your money and eat it up quite easily if you allow it. Now i just go and watch. What is a Gozzard. I have no clue. No I don't even drink now on the cruises I have been on yes I will drink then. I have never believed in drinking and driving. that is not the thing to do. So what kind of boat do you have. did you buy it or build it. I love doing things for my own accomplishment. I love good taste and craftmenship. I love how things are built. I love wood. but in a boat I don't really know what is best yet other than the steel for weight and balance. I love the wood boats any day but I'm getting older and want something that is easy on me to keep up with, and stay comfortable, to fish and dive with. The diving thing I haven't tried yet but will for sure. Appreciate your time.
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