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Originally Posted by nemier View Post
Hey Paulo,
I shall save my Congratulations until the finance is in place, as you wish

.... For what it's worth, I believe you have made a great choice and you really can't go wrong with this boat (Salona 38) - well done Paulo!
Well, I have a sad announcement to made: I will not have that Salona 38

See Nemier, it gives bad luck to give congratulations before it happens.

Nothing to to with the Salona 38 or the guys from Salona that have been fantastic neither with the leasing concession but with the conditions.

Actually I have signed a leasing contract on the Paris boat show on the therms and conditions we have agreed almost a year ago, but it seems that on these days of crisis conditions are changing fast, not the ones that regards the leasing but the ones that regards tax.

I was taking advantage of a tax possibility they had with leasing: out of the EC waters I would not pay VAT on the leasing (23%). I was buying the boat directly to the Factory in Croatia (out of EC) VAT free and I would maintain the boat there with French flag till they enter to EC then would sail to Turquey and maintain the boat there. I could travel in any EC country for 6 months if I returned to out of EC before that.

As my program for the next 2 or 3 years is to know and sail on the Eastern Med that would suit me. I would pay the boat in 4 years and on the last months of the last year I would bring the boat to EC water, pay VAT on the last leasing and end up with a boat in my name with the VAT paid.

This has been made....till now Now it seems I cannot sail a single day on EC waters without paying the VAT and when I enter EC Waters I would have to pay VAT on the actual value of the boat that in 3 or 4 years would be about 150 000€.

That means not only that the boat would cost 30 000€ more than what I was prepared to pay but also that the boat could not sail in EC waters for any period of time without the VAT paid. That is a no deal since Croatia is going to enter EC next year and I could only sail in Turkish waters. I could not explore Greek Islands and cannot sail to ašores, Madeira and Canarias as I want to.

I don't fell very bad with the Salona guys that were impecable and have developed a lot of modifications to do on the boat at my request because I know that I have helped to develop a better boat, even commercially and I know that because I talked with the French dealer (Paris boat show):

He wanted to know what were the modifications I had asked on the boat and after I have describe them to him he told me that he was asking for those same modifications without results and was completely baffled when I said that I had already the study designs made by Leo, the Salona house designer, of a nice carbon fixed bowsprit with an anchor roller and an anchor stand and the designs of a nice pair of integrated pods for the instruments. He didn't know nothing about it and was almost jumping with enthusiasm (a very nice guy, young and very enthusiastic).

So, anyway the Salona 38 would be the boat I would chose for the amount of money I had. If bought it know (at the beginning of the year) not only they would make me the boat I want as they would make me a nice discount. I have only good things to say about them.

But since I am short of 30 000€ I know I cannot find any new boat that can satisfy me and my sailing and cruising program and I am looking for a 2006/2007 used boat. I went to Roma, not only for the fun of the new year's eve but to see some boats. I almost bought one (I would not say the brand) that seemed almost perfect but unfortunately the hull moisture was over what should be expected and that was a no deal. But I have found very competent and nice guys that are helping me to find the boat I want, so if everything goes right there is a strong possibility that I will have a boat soon (I hope).

Guys, I am telling you all this because otherwise you would think that I am mad or that Salona would have not satisfied me. Well, I am a little mad, but nothing wrong with salona


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