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I think we can all agree getting a license has never stopped an idiot before, why do we think it will now? Most other areas of life have required licenses, to get one you can just pay the tax.

The test, if there even is one, mostly covers regulations, not real world skills needed to do the task safely.

Even on a good day anyone can pay a bribe and get any license required with no qualifications, or even citizenship.

The quoted millionaire that drops a check for a megayacht and rams through the marina at full throttle, no matter how wealthy can only do this a few times, eventually the loss of his boat, the lawsuites from other boats damaged, the prison time for manslaughter, will get him off the water. taking his license wont remove him any quicker. He will pay someone to take any required classes for him anyway.

Right now there are individuals that will take the driving test and any required defensive driving classes for you for a small fee, they get enough work to live off of the income. Some take the class several times in the same day, apparently the beaurocrats at the DMV don't think anything is odd, that all of the test attendees look exactly the same every day. In a minority community near you 1/3 to 1/2 of the licensed drivers have exactly the same persons picture on it...and they are driving next to you on the freeway.

The same idiots that waked you in the miserable mile, will still wake you after this law passes, they will just have a plastic card in their wallet with someone elses picture on it that they bought on a street corner.

Still think it is a good idea, just wait...there is legislation pending right now to make AIS mandatory for everything that floats. Go too fast through a no wake, or manatee, or marine sanctuary zone, they will mail you the ticket. Cross any of these zones while possessing a fish, they will take your boat. Here in Texas boaters have had their boat seized and GPS data pulled in court to determine of they caught the right fish at the right position, posses both fish they assume you caught them at the illegal place, it is up to you to prove different.

Right now AIS is dropping in price, wait and see what the price does when you are forced by law to buy one.

If boating was so dangerous insurance co's would not insure you without proof of a boating course. Right now mine will not even give me a discount, and I am USCG licensed.

The biggest loss (over 90%) is from named storms, so do we require a license to tie up to a slip???

Boater Licensing = Boater Licensing = Boater Licensing =

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