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Originally Posted by KnotRight View Post
That would be great svHyLyte, would it be too much to ask to temp-plate the dagger board also. I would gladly pay you for your troubles. Thanks again Danny

I will PM you with my email address so you can respond with your mailing address so I can send you the pattern. The Rumba does not use a dagger board. It has a center board that rotates on a nylon pin that bolts across the centerboard trunk so that the board can be rotated up and down. A shock-cord runs from a hole in the crown of the center board through a jamb cleat so that one can adjust the board's position depending upon one's point of sail. Off the wind we rotate the board up almost entirely and she'll go like heck. Unfortunately, however, we laid the boat up for the winter once the water temperatures dropped below 75 and getting her out, off the trailer, and unbolting the centerboard at this point would be a costly and difficult endeavor. I'll be happy to do so in the spring, however. There is some possibility that my neighbor may not yet have stowed his boat (I bought two from a hotel that decided they didn't want to rent them to guests any longer due to insurance costs; rehabbed both, and sold one to a neighbor for enough to cover the out-of-pocket costs for both boats so ours cost my labor alone). If so I will see if he's willing to allow me to dismount his center board long enough to pattern the board. If you do not have it, the pin will be an issue but I suspect you could conjure one up by using a piece of plastic pipe with a matching diameter dowel through the center; or, by getting a local cabinet maker to turn down a small block of starboard on a lathe.

They are fun boats but not so easy to sail as Escape portrayed. One thing to do is buy some foam pipe insulation or a pool noodle that will fit the boom and "pad" that back half unless you're willing to wear a helmet while you're sailing. You will brain yourself with the boom sooner or later and it will hurt without one or the other, I guaranty you that. Another thing is to dump the single line outhaul/furling line. I found that having two separate lines, one red for furling and a second, green, for out hauling the sail worked a lot better and one had no doubt which line one was hauling on. There are times when one does need to reef the sail and the two line arrangement seems to work best.

N'any case, check your PM's.

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