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Largest Semi-Trailerable Sailboat ???

I am very new to sailing and have a great deal to learn. Have posted a few threads on here seeking advice what type of boat I should buy. Based on what i felt was good advice from a poster , I ended up buying a Catalina 22 for learning on but still have my dream of something bigger. As I write this I realize I am way ahead of myself but its winter so no sailing and lots of time for dreaming. What I am wanting in my next boat is a boat as big as possible yet still able to tow it with my F-250 diesel. Have towed around 14000lbs to 15000lbs before and didn't lose too many years of my life in way of nerves. I seemed to have focused on A catalina 27 "Based on previous info from other threads" as being the largest towable sailboat but now find myself wanting to go up to a catalina 30 for obvious reasons MORE ROOM. The main things considered are:

1. Weight of Boat and Trailer being towed - cat 30 and trailer should not
exceed 16000lbs at which I am ok
2. Overwidth Permits - Checked with Kentucky and Virgina as long as I stay
12' or below ease and costs of annual permits very low
3. Stepping the Mast - A frame type system attached to the trailer itself with
winches and a few xtra hands should be able to handle stepping the mast
4. Launching - not sure about this one - plan is to attach wheels on the
front of the trailer and with cables attached to the winch in bed of truck to
bring trailer back once boat is in water. Have seen this done on video only
with a rope tied to bumper on truck- worked on the video

I realize there are many definitions and opinions as to what is a trailerable sailboat. For me the question is how big can I get and still be able to tow it and launch it without needing to hire outside help. Thinking one could easily add 500.00 or more in cost every time I move the boat.

My main goal is to leave the boat on the lake most all the time except winter "tow it home for winter projects" and take it to the coast once or twice in the summer and again in the winter for extended periods of time. Would like to sale to Bahamas and the Caribbean as well. The Bahamas is a go for a boat of this size not sure about the Caribbean. More info needed.

I would rather spend a xtra hour or two setting up the boat and enjoy the week of sailing than be in the water an hour faster and be cramped all week.

Realize this is not the norm but have to be others who have done this before.
Curious as to what others with much more experience think.

Doable or Not
Other Considerations I have missed?
One big question I have and hope to answer for myself this summer. Is there That Big Of a Difference between a cat 27 and a cat30/ to justify the added expense of permits and maybe xtra time in setup.

Husband, Wife, 16 yr old daughter, 13 yr old son, 3 yr old son. Need as much room as I can get. or so I think.
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