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I have a "transportable boat" not a trailer sailer by any means...big difference there and yes size is everything...The trailer, the pulling and the launching are the easy parts..get a big enough truck, trailer and lake and you can haul and launch the Queen Mary...

Stepping a 40' x 4"x7" mast and the proper rigging, tensioning and setup are not something you can do in an hour, in the parking lot , while in line for the ramp...[ or late on a Sunday afternoon before you drive home for work the next day)

It's a good half day job at least...the "smaller" purpose designed trailer sailers have shorter thinner lighter masts that are generally deck stepped and can be put up with a couple strong backs or proper rigging, gin poles A frames etc in a couple hours...but they were set up that way from the factory ...quick clips, hinged mast, minimal rigging (minimal space, minimal headroom, minimal performance but we're not here to talk about them)

A boat the size your talking can be "transported" but the proper set up, rigging and tuning has risen expotentially with the size of boat...You will need a crane, add acouple bucks and shorten your list of available landings...and/or you will need "major" setup on a self contained A frame lift,(your looking at 30' boom from trailer to mid point on mast) add a couple bucks, add a couple "more" hours to rigging time.( and tuning...this isn't quick clip snap and go stuff anymore...turnbuckles, tension adjustments, running rig, mast lights, wireing and electronics connections) Forget the "convienient" tree/bridge/overhang, and 4 big buddys they are not there when you need them...

I'm not trying to talk you out of a bigger boat purchase, just like no one was able to talk me out of one...Just be aware of the "scale" of the launch job your getting into...

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