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Originally Posted by dabnis View Post

I know this goes back a long way but how about preserving the looks and original design of your boat and just use the inboard when your lives depend on it? If you are going to violate your "engineless" concept what does it matter as to what kind of engine you use to violate it with? Besides, the inboard would provide the extra thrust when needed and also provide an easy way to charge your batteries, if you have any? I am sure I am missing something here but not sure what?

The old Yanmar 2gm is long gone, and in it's place is an oven and sink, a filled in rudder and prop aperture, and of course storage until the cows come home... (and a white sparkly clean dry, really dry - as in no water/oil ever - deep bilge). The difference between a 4 hp ob with an integrated tank and that thing is substantial. One of the (many) huge reasons for getting it gone was the size of that motor, it was massive and way too much for a 10k pound boat (imo). I just can't have a diesel of that magnitude protruding into the living space. It stank, scared the bird, and generally made being below while under power quite unpleasant. Had she come with a 1gm, maybe..

Anyway, there are still a ton of reasons I don't want a "real" motor, another of which being I really want the challenge, the challenge of a destination reached through sail alone. The potential dangers involved are what will make every action I decide to take as a captain count, hone my skills, and what will bring the greatest satisfaction when arriving at point B through brains and forethought. Or put me on the rocks, whatever. Some people need to jump out of airplanes, some people need to race motorcycles, I need to sail for "real" and see if I have what it takes to do this and cruise succesfully. It's just something I'm compelled to do right now. I feel like a sellout for even giving in to the o/b, really (but I'll use it in good faith in situations I described earlier in the thread when needed - I won't "be a hero", and I will try to remember others out there and how my motorless gig worries them about their vessel...)

Purist leanings have intrigued me since the very first time I sailed. Remember too, how small my boat really is (30' x 8.5 on the beam). I'd never do this in anything larger.

Well, maybe not never.. but...

This bracket and small o/b is for everyone else really, not me. I've learned the hard way about the bias out there regarding the motorless sailor (grin). If there wasn't a better half involved who might need it if I drop dead or something on the tiller, or if everyone didn't get so freaked when I come sailing into the slip or dropping the hook under sail, I'd not even have bothered designing this bracket to begin with prolly... We "practiced" for a long time not using the motor, I feel like I have an inkling of what's in store.

Oh, you asked about a battery... you sure you want to go there?

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