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Originally Posted by dabnis View Post
Haven't jumped out of any airplanes yet but did race off road motorcycles in the desert and in the National Forests on legal, approved courses, for 30 years. Can't do that any more, too many trips over the handlebars

I completely understand the challenge aspect. Just seems like mixing it up with commercial traffic with minimal power that is not readily available is kind of like riding without a helmet and protective gear. Best of luck and keep us posted on your adventures. Forgot, tell us about batteries?

Wait, I was told sailing vessels have the right of way, so ...shouldn't be an issue...(rimshot/cymbal)...

Seriously - I don't plan on mixing it up with the big ships too often, you certainly don't need to hang out in the shipping lanes in iffy winds (inshore), and I plan on following the most golden rule - NO timetables. Trying to "get there" when conditions aren't favorable isn't on the agenda, although you can never plan for every contingency. If there is no wind, I'll drop the o/b on (or already have had it on and at the ready).

I'm ready to accept it if I find that it really just won't work out being a motorless (almost motorless I guess) guy. After everything I've done at this point, I believe I could easily re install an inboard (I'd even do the Hal Roth/off center mount idea, love that idea) if it comes down to it. 1gm at the maximum... or electric.

Regarding batteries - I'm on the fence right now about that. Prolly gonna create another stir here, but since I currently have heat, light, nav lights, cooking and self steering (self steering not installed yet, but we all know they work, so..), all working extremely well so far and without needing battery power, I'm considering just not having a battery at all.

The problem is a radio (I want a ham set up in addition to the VHF I think), and a depth sounder. I have one of those "flashlight" looking handhelds (depth), but it isn't at all practical (lead line maybe?). The radio needs a battery any way you slice it though... so I'd have to decide what a radio means to me. Prolly wind up with one battery, one small panel to charge it. Plus, when I did the mast I switched over to LED's and rewired everything new, so there's that too..

It's an awesome feeling to cook, heat and light your boat in the dead of winter without the yellow cord, it's very satisfying. I have found the obsession of pursuing a boat that needs no external power or internal power to be addictive, and I've never seen another boat that can run as independent as mine at this point, it's awesome.

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