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You guys really struck a nerve!!

I find it hard believe that there are people out there that . . .

1) believe that vessels coming "inbound" into any country (anywhere) shouldn't be proven legit.

2) equate the USA w/ the old USSR because the US allows anyone to leave the country whenever they want to, but only asks question when one enters. Oh my God!! Start up the Gulag!! (how soon we forget.)

3) believe a passport is a new thing re international travel.

C'mon, now!! Can/Mex and Caribbean requirements were an EXCEPTION to the rule and a LUXURY that Americans can ill afford. All I see here is people whinning about loosing a luxury. (Spoiled?)

A passport fee pales in comparison to what you have on your ocean going boats. Holy Cow!! I've dropped more on the bar for my men - just to show my appreciation for their work. (Spoiled?)

The people of the US are a "community" - and like any society IT IS A TEAM SPORT. If you don't want to be a member, then I suggest you turn in your jersey and go anchor off the 12 mile limit and stay there.

I keep hearing from my international friends that "Americans are a spoiled race" and "don't appreciate what they've got." Gee I wonder why.

Before you'all start into politics let me stop you right there. Politics is nothing but maneuvering for control and power. Last time I checked Americans Citizens still run this country - not Dems, Reps, Greens, or Indpnt's. News outlets are nothing more than more formalized gossip full of errors, agendas, and generalities that you would likewise eat-up around the water cooler at work. Better take all that with a huge grain of salt (a salt lick more like it) until you go over there and see what's happeing for yourself. People go where they're fed and politicians are simply trying to feed the public issues that will get them into or maintain power. Sadley enough - so is the press. Human nature I guess ("pick-a-little-talk-a-little cheep cheep cheep . . .") I wish all elected officials got minumum wage and then see who runs for office.

No, this is about a dotted line on a map that has been there for a LONG time - not politics. No rules have changed, just loop holes being closed. If you want to bitch about it I suggest you go to Arlington and start there before you cross the river.

Yes - I am in the military, and I'll think about all of you when I pack my seabag in 5 months to relieve my friends currently fighting on the other side of the "dotted-line." If you want to split hairs on the issue with me - you'd better open your eyes, bring your big picture to the game and start a new thread. I'm starting at circa 600 AD - and we'll hit theology, sociology, and world resources along the way. I will refuse to acknowledge any issues about soldiers being killed after they volunteered for military service - its a red herring, and I don't care what country they're fighting in. I can't stand it when people try to preserve life, comfort, or convenience to the deteriment of everyone else's.

WOW! What a rant! . . . that felt better though.

"A ship is more than just a hull, sails, and a rudder . . . its freedom."
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