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Lightbulb "Passports" Good! . . . "Loop Holes" Bad!

Originally Posted by ebs001
Shack, what you are saying is that your going to Bagdad to fight for their freedom, but that we are not allowed to the basic freedom to criticize the our government. Makes perfect sense to me.

EBS - wrong.
Stay on target, please. I did not write that you couldn't or shouldn't criticize your government. You pulled that out of thin air. To the contrary, I even encourged more criticism by offering anyone who wanted to "split hairs" on the topic to start a new thread. (my post is still there) I never told anyone to shut up, or that they should not speak their mind.

. . . But just because one is being critical of their gov't doesn't mean one is exempt from a response. Why would anyone feel that their speach rights are being trampled on when an opposing viewpoint is similarly voiced? Where does THAT come from?

I don't know for sure, EBS, but what you appear to be saying is that you are uncomfortable with my counter-criticism. You somehow interpret it as some attempt of silencing. Freedom of speech does not exclude accountabilty for one's own words. People don't get to say/write anything they want and not expect to elicit a response.

Canibul - Damn Rebs!!
Sorry, my family wasn't yet in the disunited states went that whole thing went down.
No, the gov't isn't always correct - right with you on that one man! I've seen enough in my short lifetime to agree with that. Hell, I work for the gov't and have seen (and still do) some pretty screwed up stuff. Makes your blood boil sometimes (even the little stuff). However, gov'ts are more reactive than proactive. This is due to political agendas being driven by the passions of the people and less on whether something is a wise or prudent idea. "Remember the Maine!" "Trail of Tears" "Manifest Destiny" "Desert One" . . . not to mention domestic issues . . .

As far as passports go - they're a good thing! I say again, "They are a good thing!" It is a program already established that has reasonable effetiveness (with the current exeptions of Can/Mex & Caribbean). It permits Customs and USCG to do their jobs more efficiently whereas previously it was loop holed. I agree with the new policy, and an relieved that the Congress actually passed something that starts to strengthen our borders.

In lieu of criticizing things it is also perfectly acceptable to agree with or support them as well as to criticize the opposition. That's also my right.
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