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Originally Posted by bljones View Post
Psssttt...wanna buy a Pinto?

My guess is they'll sell anything people will buy. They sell all manner of cheaply made short lifespan hardware, for example. As far as disclosing why anchors were returned, in this litigious day and age I imagine there is no retailer on the planet who will divulge WHY items are returned if there is any possibility of liability.

There are two possibilities: 1. West Marine was telling me the truth when they said they had no failures or 2. The were lying and actually had Rocnas returned because of structural failures.

Forgetting about any altruistic motives, I don't think that scenario #2 makes any business sense. After their announcement they probably had very little risk of liability. They laid the facts out about the steel spec issues and offered to accept any returns as they would probably have done prior to the announcement.

Now assume they actually had many anchors returned because of structural failures. If that were the case they would more likely would have issued a recall of the anchors (as they have done with other products) rather than just an announcement as they did.

Further assume they lied to any customer that asked about whether there were any failures. You really think they are going to increase their liabilty risk by lying? Now when there is a high risk of failure and liability for property damage and maybe personal injury and loss of life you think they are going to lie when in all likelyhood they could go after Rocna and recover their costs for returned anchors, when this is one model of many, many anchors they sell?

All companies are in business to make money but the successful ones usually take a long term approach in their business model.
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