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Sailors come in many shapes, sizes, sex, sexual preferences, colors and religions. There is nothing in my genes makes me a better or worse sailor than a woman or even the next man. If having a womens sailing forum, womans sailing club invites more women to sail I am for it. If my wife or any other woman chose to belong or go to an all woman sailing school to learn more offshore sailing techniques I would encourage her as that is what she feel comfortable with, however she does not feel that way.

The ONLY reason I got involved in the post was the rant a poster took which painted men with a BROAD brush and generalized about them in a condescending way. In life I tend to object to painting any person, group, religion. color, sex or sexual preference with a broad brush so seeing it here it was a natural reaction for me to object.

This was followed by

"I don't post much because it upsets me to have my posts picked apart, taken out of context and criticised by people who can't even spell." Or even, "I guess you're right, I don't post much. Frankly, I think that a lot of the more-prolific posters are blowhards and I don't want people to think of me that way."
Well I am a notoriuos bad typist who cannot spell which by the number of my prolific posts I must be a blowhard also.

Many men tend to be dismissive of our opinions, observations, and insights. Also I have noticed that men tend to think their way is the right way, even though there can be multiple strategies for solving a problem.

Men to want to control discourse through overstated opinion, often not backed by fact or reason. We women tend to back away from confrontation.

Also one must remember that males want dominance; females want consensus. Being dismissive, rude, and condescending is just another strategy to gain an advantage. We must understand this weakness in men and cut them some slack.
With all due respect to the poster, I will continue to be inclusive and help as many othe SN as I can. I also love organizing and attending get togethers of Sailnetters as well as use the forum to LEARN from others of all sexes, colors etc and also share the small experiences I have had in my 40 years of inshore and offshore sailing. Camradiere is one of the greatest parts of the Sailnet experience. Painting a whole sex with a broad brush of negative generalization does nothing to enhance that experience.


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