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Many of the cruisers I know, myself included, use periodic additions of bleach. It will not hurt you in small quantities (in large quantities will give you diarhea). We have 2 seperate tanks and typically bleach one of them a tad more than the other as it is typically used for shower.

If you are living aboard and or cruising, you will find that this is not all that neccessary very often as you will go through the water quick enough not to worry about it. If your boats sets up a bit, it may be more neccessary. You will get a growth in your tanks without some caution.

We have tried a few different systems for post filtration (drinking water), but have settled into a cheap Pur water filter pitcher with a charcoal filter on top. You can get them at Walmart and they are cheap. It fits in the fridge and thus you can keep cold water on hand. It takes not pressure to push it through and you can store a lot of the filters for long-term runs.

Just our experiences. You may find something else that works better.

- CD

PS I imagine from your posts that you will have a watermaker on board - thus your water should be very clean going in. Just worry about post-build-up.
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