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Originally Posted by casey1999 View Post
The thing I find interesting about failure of sail boat rigs is that there seems to be this big unkown about if the rig is good or not. Because of this unkown, we are told best to replace say every 10 years.

Now where I work I have just be assigned to be weight handling (lifting) inspector. I have started some training on inspecting weight lifting equipment- cranes, hoist, shackels, lifting cables, slings. This is for lifting things that failure is not an option. It just seems like a simple inspection is good enough for these items, and if they pass they rarely fail. But with sailboats, seems even with good inspection, they still, and regulary do fail.
Are you sure about that. I was under the impression that if you had a crane cable that was in service for 30 years someone would think about replacing it.

Don't you keep records of replacement and inspections for all were parts? How old are the oldest parts?
Also is shock loading much of an issue?
What is the safety factor engineered in?
Are your parts stainless? The old time riggers say that super heavy iron rigging brushed with tar and oil every day lasts for almost ever and is easy to see if it is rusted and needs to be replaced.
Stainless is much cleaner for sails and decks and can be ignored for months but hides its impending failure better than plain steel that is continually greased.

Your the expert but I suspect that in an industrial setting a 5 year part and certainly a 10 year part just wouldn't even be around. On a sailboat we figure hey it's stainless, looks good and is only 30 years old, lets go sailing.

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