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Agree with squidd that I need much more hands on experience before making my decision which is what I have intended to do all along. The main purpose for me posting now is, I have got the sailing bug pretty bad. Think about sailboats all day, reading all the sailing magazines, dreaming like most I would think about sailing off to some island leaving the your land troubles behind. That is long term go to sail the caribbean in next ten years. For the now I want to gain as much knowledge as possible to help me make that decision a year or two from now. Skygazer, you ask how big can you go and enjoy the process with trailering and the setup. I really think that answer is going to be different for everybody. The tow weight of the boat/trailer, that will be what your truck can handle and what you can handle. 8000lbs lot of weight for some people not so much for others. Need top be sure both you and your equipment can handle the load. As for the setup, for me I would rather spend a few xtra hours setting up the boat and enjoy the trip in comfort rather than getting on the water ASAP. However, I am not planning on trailering but a few times a year with more than just a weekend planned for my trips. You also have to think about your ability to do the hands on tasks. Some people are able to do the hands on tasks required to setup the boat and get it in the water better than others. Common sense/ability to work with your hands apply here. What one person would feel is to much work may be very little work for someone else. You have to answer those questions for yourself. This is just my opinion. Looks as if the 27cat is about as far as any sane person would want to go. I am leaning very hard in that direction but don't intend to make any decision until I have more hands on experience in the next year or so. Things I am really going to be looking at is the weight/length difference in the mast of the 27/30, the rigging requirement for for the27/30, ability to launch a 27/30 on ramp. Just a few things that popped into my mind as I am typing this. In the end you just have to factor in all the parts decide where the happy medium is and go with it. Again just my opinion. I value all opinions and advice the people on sailnet have taken time to give to me and you need to take that info into account when making an informed decision however its your decision to make right or wrong you will be the first to know if it was the right decision for you.
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