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Originally Posted by L124C View Post
I understand the importance of not overloading the Forestay. However, that will be avoided by any competent rigging procedure, including the one I have cited. My only point was for any novice who is tunning their own rig to find such a procedure, follow the steps, and (hopefully) understand why they are doing what they are doing. As opposed to stabbing at it willy nilly as some have indicated they have done in this thread, with poor results. Obviously, sailing a poorly tuned rig is no fun and can be dangerous. Of course, there is always the option of paying a Rigger to do it. However if you wanted to use that option, you probably wouldn't be reading this thread!
I am not quite sure I follow your point. All I am saying is I like to know as much about my rig as possible including what loads it is seeing. If I loose my rig, thay will probalby just about do it for my sailing activity. I cannot afford to install a new mast so I will do everything I can to keep the one I have "up". And being in the middle of the Pacific is no place I want to deal with a demasting.

You reccomended the book by "Dedekam" on sailing tuning and rigging. I also have and like this book. But one interesting item in the book is the suggestion to load your back stay up to 40% of breaking strenght. That means on a mast head rig such as mine the forestay will be loaded to 50% breaking strength. That seems high to me and I would not want to load it this high. Now maybe most recreational sailors can get by without knowing all the details of their rig, and maybe a few rare demasting among these sailors is somthing than can deal and live with. But not me, and maybe I am in a different situation. Knowledge is power. And I would be careful about trusting the experts on everything. In reality, there are very few experts.
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