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Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
yea, it's all luck and you need to pay a used car salesman er, broker/surveyor cause they both have special powers and extra eyes and fingers and your toooooooooooooo dumb to figure it out on your own . you might as well just stay home and die of old age rather than live it. my bad.

14 year old girls are saiing around the world, alone ! your right your probably not up to the task.
Probably should just forget it ,or buy the boat and never leave the dock for fear of the unknown and all the advice of the other "sailors" you will meet at the extremey affordable USCG and other "classes" be sure to get your west marine card and cuzy.
I listened to self proclaimed sailors for a decade tell me all they new and all the experience blah blah ... then I stopped listening and did what all the naysayers said couldn't or were too sceered to do.
glad I did, met plenty of others doing it on everything imaginabe in every cove,bay,river,canal and inlet from buffalo to tampa (3-4 times) and back .
many of these folks were at it for years and years cruising all over the world some had it all ,some had less than nothing !
families,singles,men,women. some w/ pets,kids.
All kinds, great people,extraordinay experiences .
My only regret is listening to the internet captains telling me what I couldn't do .

please, it's just sailing .

I hope that wasn't a response to my post. If I read the OP's post correctly, it was something like "we've never done this before, here's what we're thinking of doing, etc". I think recommendations to chose a boat carefully are warranted.

As for the "just get out there and do it" phylosophy, I could not agree more. Do it now, while you can if you're so inclined.

But Joe, you've been around long enough I'm sure you're familiar with Ronnie Simpson's story. He just went out there and did it with no knowledge and look how far he got (about half way).

As for the 16 and 14 year olds, look at the amount of prep work went in to their boats. I haven't seen their budgets, but I garauntee they were significant. These weren't kids who picked a boat and rolled, they had a fair amount of coaching and expert guidance in both outfitting and learning to sail. Now, I'm not saying these guys need sailing instruction. I've never had any, and I haven't balled up a boat yet. I'm just saying that before these kids headed off they and their support teams made sure they were prepared.

I'm not going to get into a debate over whether the OPs should be smart about the money they are looking to spend. I say go for, but be smart about it.

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