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Originally Posted by speedyrigger View Post

See my videos at Sailing videos, how to sail, learn to sail, rigging, sailboat rigging, sailing

Jeff Stagg MacX2284F898 "Three Suns" Roseville, CA USA
Hi jef..

I purchased your video about 1998. I owned one of the first mac26x hull #88.
I didnt care for the boats Sailing performance compared to my 1988 Mac 26d so I sold it, but ended up buying a 2000 new and improved 26x. I lLoved that boat. with the 50hp motor I would motor across lake Erie at 15-17 mph from Erie Pa To Long Point Canada is about 95 minutes. drop anchor for the nighgt an Sail into Canadian ports the next morning. I had thier Spinnaker and with Empty Ballast tanks and <10 mph wind I could Sail back to Erie Pa in about 5 hours. With highter Winds and waves I crossed Erie in 4 hours. With the planning Hull, 20 mph winds, 5 foot Erie swells I hit 11 mph with the spinnaker. I thought my GPs was malfunctiong, but after figuring out the time and distance I was surfing along at at least 10mph.

The Shallow draft with centerboard up is very convienent also. Just too be a show-off, I`1`ve run the boat up on the beach under full Sail. Only once did I get up on the sand too fa, so I simply dr pulled the Ballast drain up, it emptiyed itself and with a few volunteers we pushed the lightweight 26X back out in 1 foot of water where it floated.

I never crossed to the Bahama`s, but talkeed to many owners that made the trip. Most of the 26X or 26M making the trip Usually carry extra fuel. Motor full speed out of Florida and when about 20-25 miles from Bimini, hoist the Sails.

The #1 Advantag of a Mac Powersaile is the ability to make it to safe anchorage or to port when a storm is approaching. If your not to far off shore. I managed to out run a few weater fronts, but its not much fun trying to motor into big chopy waves.. You will get wet, and you have to slow down to about 5 mph to avoid slamming the hull or going airborne ower waves.
A few times I had to give up trying to motor into the Waves. The 50 hp motor makes it easy to travel with the waves to escape,

I would not recommend taking the Mac too far offshore in the Ocean, depending on the Weather and your fuel situation to return to shore if it should get too rough..

I doubt there is any other 25` Sailboats with as much living space

Critics say the Mac is not a real Sailboat.. I disagree.. Ive sailed on a lot of Sailboats, most may Sail Faster, but The mac Still gives you all the trills of Sailing, Tacking Gyping surfing etc etc. The 50 Hp motor spoiled me.. I would plan more long gtrips knowing I had the safety of the motor. One of my favorite plans was to fill both 6 gallon tanks. Motor full speed directly out into the wind (Or forcasted wind) After about 25 -30 mimles when I ran out of Gas. I would put up the Main and Spinnaker and Sail back.

It was also fun for the kids to get towed in my Cheap Raft, pretending they were water siking or wakeboarding..
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