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You know there may be a reason why women don't post their opinion.

When I was sailing full time again and again I saw couples sailing where the wife or companion didn't really want to be there. They wanted to be at home, around friends, relatives, or family, not sailing the 7 seas. I know this might sound sexist, but it seemed that 9 times out of 10, if not more, it was the man's dream to go sailing and adventuring and not his wife.

There are many men sailing in far away ports that started with a devoted companion, but wound up sailing alone, because their wife, although trying to be supportive, just finally gave up pretending that cruising was what they wanted to do. I know all the ladies are now offended and angry, but if you actually look around you and go sailing for awhile you will see the truth in what I'm saying.

I also saw quite frequently that since the wife didn't really want to be there to start with, that they didn't really learn much about sailing. They could do it, but it just wasn't something they were all that into, and would involve themselves when needed, but, didn't get much into all the intricate details - like navigating with a sectant for instance.

So, why don't women post - there aren't many out there that really love sailing and the cruising life.

Just one person's opinion.

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