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you might want to do some homework on your "facts" ....the ability of that wire (yes made of strands) to carry current is directly related to the surface area of the strands, and thereby the wire. There is a lot of science in how many strands are laid up, how they laid and in terminations so that the wire is truly 100% functional. By you removing and altering it's makeup, you have in fact reduced it's ability to carry current. Further the current travels in the "skin" of the strands, and if you remove those strands, again the capacity to carry current is diminished.

current flow in the wire is the same whether DC or AC, one only changes directions every 60 cycles, the other doesn't.

wire size DOES make a difference, and while you may say the size does not matter (see post #6)...altering the diameter (really circular mils) reduces the capacity and characteristics of the this case removing the strands of a #8, effectively reduces it to function as a #10 or #12, now with a flaw.

Having seen and repaired quite a few "poor connections" and having been an electrician for many years, and trained in both low voltage splicing as well as HV splicing I was offering the benefit of my experience.

Your solution is half baked at best, and dangerous if not well done. You and the OP are surely free to do the splice any way you want, but I guarantee that you will have problems down the line using your process or some of the "non-mechanical" solutions proposed here
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