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Originally Posted by davidpm View Post
I'm in this situation several times a year. I'm the definitely low-cost but supposedly experienced hand.

These new boat owners are looking to me for help and guidance so the way I handle it is to have a little conversation right up front.
Our trips are usually under three days long.

These are the subjects I cover in our pre-departure briefing.
[*]Are you also willing to accept the risk that while I will make every effort to make sure everything is safe and no property is damaged I may do something that causes injury or damage and that you and your insurance company is ultimately responsible as I'm just a hired hand.
Ok, here is the question. You hire or have come along someone that supposedly has more experience than yousellf to act as skipper. But part way through the trip you see somthing that is clearly not right in the way the boat is being handled or navigated. What do you do? Do you speak up and say somthing- and what if an argument starts. Whom has the ultimate responibility- the owner or skipper that is hired by the owner, or the owner? Unfortunately I did not go through the discussion points you mentioned before we left (next time I will). In one case as we were sailing very close to a reef, one of the sailors said "well if we hit it, you do have insurance right?" and he was not joking. I myself try to not use insurance if I can help it, as even with insurace, I've lost my boat and may not be able to insure a new one (too high of risk).

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