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WnW nails it quite nicely. Sailing is without doubt one of the last holdouts of the overly sexist dinosaur but it is changing and hopefully will continue to do so. I guess its pretty hard to hold onto those old fashioned values when the "little woman" has just gone past you at 25 knots on a foiler Moth or has done e.g. more than the odd Sydney-Hobart as skipper while you've been watching the start on TV.

Damn it all, I want someone who is going to share my life not simply be an obsequious part of it. I am not a single hander with a cook and bedmate along for the ride (no puns or innuendo intended), I am with her, part owner and crewmate. I am a half way reasonable cook and a half way reasonable sailor. So is the Wombet and after a month off cruising she has the bruises to prove it, has gotten quite fond of the view from the masthead and runs the ship more than adequately when the "skipper" is seasick. *

Oh, yes, and do not call her "admiral" or you might be the one with the bruises.

* memo to self .... if you insist on gettng pished the night before a passage its probably not a good idea to sail on an empty stomach.

(not that the above answers the original question, the answer to which I am not at all sure I know.)

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