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I feel like buying a boat is like rolling about 10 dice at once, with each die representing a part of the boat. There always seems to be one or two die that come up as 1's.
Maybe I'm just too picky, but I've been looking for a boat since October.

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
Put this one on your list:
Northern 25 Sailboat for sale - British Columbia Sailboats For Sale - Kijiji British Columbia Canada.
Yeah, it's listed above your budget, but it never hurts to make an offer.
That boat has 6' 2" of headroom? Wow!
It's on the mainland so it's a ferry ride away for me, but not the end of the world. I am always looking for an excuse to go to Olive Garden (which we don't have on the island).

Originally Posted by CapnBones View Post
... What kind of condition are the sails in? As far as a stove goes, we used a rail mount bbq to do everything for years and even now that I have a boat with a stove I still do most of my cooking on the bbq....
They tell me the sails are in good shape (100%, 150% and main), although the main has a 1/4" tear in it where some rigging snagged on it.

Originally Posted by MikeOReilly View Post
This being said, I would look for something slightly larger; in the 25-27 foot range. Standing head room, and enough space to stow a week's worth of clothes and food, mean the difference between camping with a boat, and living on a boat. It's not that you couldn't live with the small space (I bet you're campers/trippers, right?), but it will wear thin after a few days.
That may be good advice. I am 6' and I'm sure I'd get tired of crouching down all the time, although the pop-top might make it tolerable. Oddly enough we're not really campers; have tried camping in a tent a few times but I just don't find it that appealing. I spent a few years in the army so I think that spoiled camping for me

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
Here's a YW search for PNW.. (Sail) Cruiser Boats For Sale

The Grampian has a decent rep, a Columbia 26 might be more comfortable and better selection. If you're not too tall you may have headroom under the cabin house.

The Northern 25 is a great suggestion, a Coronado 25 is another; too bad about the head requirement because a 26 Thunderbird might otherwise be the best sailing possibility for you and there are a lot of them around too.. good cockpit, lots of owner support and knowledge base.

I'm not sure I'd be too tempted by the 30 Buccaneer on the link... something scary there. The Catalina 27, Hunter 25 and Tanzer 7.5 are all decent boats for our area.
I have looked at the Tanzer 7.5 and came to the conclusion that it would need a substantial cash injection before I'd be happy with it.

You guys really have me thinking about something bigger now.

Here is the ad for the Columbia 26 for $4800

There is also a Coronado 27 at the club that I belong to for $5500

The Coronado has been freshly painted, however it has a diesel, and I'm not sure if I want to enter that world. I'd also question why he has an outboard mounted to the transom if it has a good running diesel.

The other thing is that Coronados don't have stellar reviews, which also makes me question the build quality of Columbias.

Also, how much stock should I put in the "Motion Comfort" rating of a boat?
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