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collecting water

Originally Posted by c_witch View Post
LOL the comfort word. My only regret with out boat is not having standing head room in the cabin. I have considered cutting the cabin roof astern of the mast step and raising the cabin height and eliminating the sliding companion way hatches and installing a sea door from the cockpit. The downside being windage from a greater cabin height. We also intend to use seawater for bathing and washing when fresh water is not available. We will also be using a custom made foldable canvas funnel to collect rain water to replenish the fresh water tankage. I have also been inclined to have on board the water purifiers that one uses for backpacking in the wilds.

We had a water-collector that was made from one of those blue, el cheap tarps that was about 5' x 2' collection area when open. Not terribly useful. Couple of thoughts - if you have a bolt rope at the bottom of your mainsail you may be able to use the main and boom as a collector since most of the rain will run into the boom. You can run a hose from the boom to your water tank. Also, depending on where your tank fill is you may be able to use your deck to collect water. It can be as simple as bunching up a towel just 'downhill' from the deck plate so act as a dam. These things work because it is easy to keep the boat clean when away from shore (heck, even away from cities). In tropical areas you tend to get brief, intense storms so you just need to let the first couple of minutes of rain wash away the salt and the start collecting. Not hard to get 5 gallons or more.

The camping water purifiers are not a bad idea if your water is suspect, You only need to use the purifier to clean water for drinking and cooking which is good because they are slow to use. Also, if you can get one with a back-flushing capability it would be good to save on filters.

Good luck.

After the refit we have decided to sell Ainia. We want something smaller that would be could for the light summer winds of Lake Ontario, although we plan to spend at least a couple of winters in the Caribbean before heading north.
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