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I’ve been to enough seminars, training classes and demonstrations to know that firing a red flare in a non emergency situation is illegal. Call me naÔve, but when a CG official tells me something, I tend to believe him. If someone wants to find the paragraph and sentence, knock yourself out. I do know that when it comes to California, the state adopted the federal regulations regarding boating. That way local police can do enforcement. I feel sorry for you guys who have local laws that classify your flare launcher as a “gun”. Must be a PITA to have to get finger printed, background checked and wait 30 days before West Marine will sell you a launcher. As for using one in the commission of a crime – well that too, is beyond my scope of experience. But I tell you one thing, I wouldn’t pull even a squirt gun on an Oakland Ca cop. Heck, I wouldn’t even reach into my pocket to pull out a stick of gum. As to TSA, I have done my fair share of traveling with inflatable vests and flares. And like their regulations say, flares are forbidden in the cabin of the aircraft.
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