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The Invasion of Single Serving Evaporated Milk (SSEM)

The Greek product "Noy Noy" (SSEM) and others have long held a niche in the mid and eastern European markets where cow products are trumped by goat and sheep dairy output.

The dairy industry in the Americas has gotten "fat" from protectionism that encourages and profits from early spoilage and unnecessary replacement of coffee and tea related dairy products. Small households have been the primary target, but also arguably to families with children.

The shelf life of some European milk can extend to nearly one year, while refrigerated dairy products commonly used for creamers in the USA typically last one to two weeks. Non-refrigerated "Noy Noy" has a shelf life of one and a quarter+ years.

Presently, SSEM products do not exist in the Americas. The conclusions are obvious about the industry protecting false profit margins that are vulnerable to an SSEM invasion.

For true black coffee aficionados, the points made here are moot. But for the rest of us (and arguably the industry), its time to wake up and smell the coffee, rather than spoiled milk & cream.

Noy Noy sells 10 packets for about 1 USD in Greece, after conversion from the euro. So the price point is about 10 cents per packet, with a fifteen month taste-shelf life, and a unknown but much larger safe-shelf life. So, a FY qtr of one packet a day will cost approximately 9 USD. Perhaps if bought in bulk rather than in 10-packs, this price could be cut by 30-40% (yes, that's an invite Costco!)

The UHT Mini Moo's cost approximately 20 USD for 192 packets, with a 10.4 cent per packet rate (already more expensive than Noy Noy). Additionally, the safe-shelf life of this item is one FY qtr, i.e. 3 months, assuming that the consumer has access to the most freshly delivered and stock rotated boxes. Anyone in the supermarket industry knows that this is rarely the case. If a single user bought this and used one per day, then more than half of the product would have to be thrown away for safety reasons. If two people used the box, (or one person using 2 packets each day) then only 12 packets will spoil. In order for the household to use the product safely (under ideal buying conditions), the household must consume on average 2.133... packets each day.

Once again, the milk industry ensures a consumer price point charge per day regardless of usage or amount of waste. I call this a protectionism practice.

A good follow up question is how much of the UHT Mini Moo's are being thrown away by consumers after reaching the expiration date.

Lastly, note the flexibility of the SSEM product with a 1+ year safe shelf life. It's price point is lower to begin with, and after sitting for weeks or several months un-refrigerated, can be taken off the shelf and used safely with expectations of taste and quality the same as new.

Sadly in line with market protectionism, Noy Noy is only being imported at over eleven times the local cost (see )

SSEM companies have a lot to gain, and the USA dairy industry has much to lose over this, given that low household dairy users like myself would be buying less and wasting nothing if SSEM's were available here at the same European price point.
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