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Originally Posted by gpwil3847 View Post
Purchased a swagging tool at lowes today $25.87 can swag my own wire rigging anything from 1/16th, 3/32,1/8th, and 3/16th swagging tool at West Marine - $249.99 - Un believable!!!! See Page 941 of the 2011 West Marine Catalog - Where do they get off ripping people off like that!? That is nearly 10 times what I paid! Caveat Emptor. It pays to shop around for other sources and to use your head.
It might be useful if you posted a link to the Lowes part and the westmarine part so folks can make an accurate determination as to what you are talking about.

I would recommend that you do a little more research however. The machine that does roll swaging that professionals use costs thousands of dollars not hundreds.

Under no circumstances would I use anything from Lowes on a boat for rigging unless I was absolutely sure I was positive it was the right part and I checked the metallurgy.
Let me ask you a couple of questions.
You are pretty new at this boat stuff right?
West Marine has been around for many years and has hundreds of stores right.
All manufacturers of sailboats use rigging parts that are with few exceptions from the same small group of marine manufacturers that west marine sells.
So what do you think is more likely. Everyone in the world, manufacturers and buyers of new boats, designers of custom boats, and manufactures of boats for the last 40 years are so unbelievably stupid that they over pay for these parts just because.
Or that you being new to this sport is missing something important.

Please be very careful. Even in your small boat if the mast comes down expectantly someone can get seriously hurt.
You are railing against WM and frankly we all do, the stuff is expensive. On the other hand using parts like 3 strand for running rigging while it might have worked for you in the past is a significant downgrade from what the designer and the builder chose originally. Again do you really think that they were so stupid they didn't know they could use the cheap stuff.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes you can use cheap parts and it only impacts how long it will last, it's looks or performance. Three strand for running rigging probably falls into this category although it will substantially impact all three. Do what you need to do.
Sometimes using cheap stuff risks the life of you or your crew. The standing rigging from Lowes will most likely fall into this category.

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