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Meeting people

We really enjoy meeting the people in various places and finding out something how they live. I guess in terms of a different kind of place to live, Pitcairn Island would certainly qualify. So long as you can deal with the isolation it seems quite idyllic. The weather is great (out of the tropical storm belt). You can grow most of your food, the houses are quite pleasant. Helps if your hobby is HAM radio since lots of people would want to talk to you.

Here is my wife (2nd from left) and some of the local people. You can see the mixed English and Polynesian background. Brenda Christian is the woman on the left. She is the immigration officer and drives the sea boat that comes out to bring you ashore.

Since my wife is of Chinese ancestry she finds it interesting to talk to Chinese people who have moved to various spots in the world to hear their stories. Here she is with some of the Chinese people who live in American Samoa. Chinese people run most of the stores in AS and work incredibly hard. The lady on the left owns two stores and works 6 1/2 days a week (takes Sunday afternoons off - but still runs to the local version of a Costco to buy stock during that time. We talked to another storekeeper and he works from 7 am to 10 pm 7 days a week - either he is the store or his wife is. We found out that immigration 'agents' (crooks) in Fujian province China convince people that when they migrate to American Samoa they are going to the United States - when they get there they find out that it is not the United States and that residents of AS do not have the automatic right to move to the US proper.

Heading back to Lake Ontario for this summer. Now in Bermuda and heading to Long Island Sound in the first week in May. Then on to the Hudson and the Erie Canal.

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