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I don't recall the OP ever mentioning problems in his marriage. Go re-read the first post. Sounds like a divorce lawyer hijacking a thread for his own means. This thread has become a platform for a divorce lawyer to be permitted to make personal attacks based on his assumptions and then preach about marital problems and counselling. I thought this was called "ambulance chasing" in the US?

Everybody knows it is difficult to live in a small space, and/or travel, with a partner so lets disregard that hijack. bchaps didn't mention anything about his marriage, nor ask for advice in it. This is a sailing forum and he asked five simple questions.
Am I asking too much?
should I just drop to my knees and thank the Good Lord she is willing to sail with me and help in all the ways she does?
should I be concerned for her well being if "the big one" nails me?
What do you do?
Can your First Mate sail/dock the boat?
My answers would be
No; Yes; Somewhat (after all is said and done, you are responsible for yourself and her well-being, she is responsible for herself and your well-being) As long as you do your best to help her help herself, the rest is her decision; I try to find someway of helping her enjoy sailing so that she will choose to motivate herself to learn; No.

I think the above questions are not gender specific if it's the women (or girl) that has decided sailing is her thing. Also, it would be amazing to hear from the other side of the coin, if you really didn't like to sail and your partner encouraged you to get involved do you think that was asking too much? Should they have just been glad you are out there? Do you expect them to be concerned for your well-being? How did they handle the situation? And are you presently able to sail and dock the boat by yourself?

Originally Posted by jameswilson29
Have you noticed we never hear from the other spouse? Most of these folks need marriage counseling.
Once again, this is just trolling with rubbish and rhetoric. The assertion is flawed in many ways and can be explained by realising a spouse who is not interested in sailing (and in my case, not interested in technology) will not choose to spend time on a sailing forum on the Internet. I haven't read any posts from James' wife. I suspect the majority of attached sailnetters only have one spouse on here.
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