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Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post
Still sore about the "girls" remark (you spent a lot of effort defending yourself, which reveals how seriously you took it)?
Sore? No. Although I am annoyed that I responded to your trolling remarks; If I had scanned through your other threads/posts before hand, I would have written off your comment without a second thought - shame on me. My last woman/girl comment is tongue in cheek. But, since you don't know me I can see how you could jump to another false conclusion.

Originally Posted by jameswilson29
It is difficult for me to relate to your point because I would never expose private matters like marital relations on a public forum,
Once again, this isn't an issue of marital relations. You're still looking at this with your work hat on. Replace it with a sailor's cap and you might get it. The OP has come to seek advice from a group of people that have likely faced the same issue. "Hey, I have < insert problem >, maybe you guys have a better solution?" It's why the forums are here. The process works as long as threads don't get hijacked.

If you don't have constructive input but are interested in the thread then lurking is a good option. If you aren't answering the questions or providing helpful feedback then the thread delves down into useless posts like this one and the question and answers are lost; Future sailors will inevitably find this thread and have to scan through pages of this rubbish before they find an answer. I've asked this a number of times, so here's another request: Please get this thread back on track.

If you are unable to relate to or help with the OP's original questions, perhaps you can contribute by suggesting new and better ways. Have you ever successfully (happily) taught your wife or close partner a new skill? If so, how did you do it?

Originally Posted by jameswilson29
Some of the screen names appear to be joint/couple names, i.e. chrisncate, so it is possible a disaffected spouse might jump in on one of these discussions.
There are definitely a few examples; But it's not a majority and not a valid argument or sufficient cause for asserting that the rest need marriage counselling.

Perhaps you have some experience in this area you would like to share?
If by "this area" you mean, in an area that is not related to the thread, then feel free to start a new thread or PM me and ask me your questions directly.

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