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Guys - very cool series!

Some feedback on the video purely as a veiwer (take it for what it's worth). Jjablo is right about the steadicam thing. But I don't think it's as much about the shots being shaky and hand-held as much as not holding a good shot long enough. You cut together a whole series of things that looked interesting, but the camera swung away too quickly and you were off to the next thing. Hold your shots longer - you can always edit them into tight pieces for the energy - but then you still have something to use when you need it. And keep the editing in mind as you're shooting - like a director would do.

On your VO (voice over) - get some energy in your voice. It sounds like you're reading your homework. Heh-heh. You guys are out living the dream! Your videos need to show that. You'll feel like a dork when you first start reading "happy" - but it'll give a much better spark to the piece.

Finally, show more about your life on the boat. The scenery is awesome and the surfing scenes were great - but what's it really like living down below? What do you eat? Where do you store everything? What's it like at 3 am when you're completely exhausted? How bored do you get? When is it scary?

Show the good and the bad. Tell the whole story. If you want this to be TV, make it TV quality. Here's another dude that has done some great work (Drake Paragon). Check his stuff here:

Reality at Sea - For Cruisers, Singlehanders, and Normal People.

He might even give you guys some tips.

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